Agriculture Law

Phil Koenig has practiced agriculture law throughout his career, after being mentored early on by widely respected lawyers who represented a considerable number of clients with farming and agricultural interests.

Phil assists farmers and Quad Cities businesses in the agricultural industry who approach the Koenig Law Firm with a variety of opportunities and concerns. He knows how to help farmers and their families maximize the value of their land and their wealth, and how to protect those assets. He further represents them in their dealings that involve:

  • Farmland sales and purchases
  • Other real estate transactions
  • Disputes and litigation involving real estate and property boundaries
  • Estate and tax planning
  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Succession planning for farms
  • Formation of business organization, including corporations and other entities
  • Land use, zoning and environmental regulations
  • Eminent domain issues
  • Farm drainage issues
  • Agriculture law litigation
  • Business-related disputes and commercial litigation
  • Farm equipment and leasing
  • A variety of other farming-related concerns

Phil Koenig can advise you effectively on the countless matters that affect your agricultural business and farm-related interests. Contact Phil today so he can help you.