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When some clients approach a lawyer, they have a fairly good idea of the areas of law where their attorney should be proficient. For other clients, their focus may not be on a particular legal practice area. Clients may not have a clear enough grasp of the issues to concentrate on the attorney’s forte. Often, clients have a real need, a difficult problem, a challenge, or an opportunity. A trusted adviser is what they really want. Someone who can relate to their family situation, to their business operation, or to the industries that affect them. And it helps if that adviser has a reputation as a leading lawyer.


Phil Koenig is a recognized leader who has practiced law his entire career in the smaller cities and towns of northwestern Illinois near the Quad Cities and the Mississippi Valley. Phil knows the region’s people and their businesses. Many of his clients have farming interests, but others work in a variety of other industries.

While Phil never promises to be all things to all people, he routinely handles large and small engagements in diverse areas of the law such as estate tax, will contests, special needs trusts, real property disputes and taxation, Illinois and federal appellate law, estate administration, the Miller Act and estate planning.

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